About us

About Us - Guyanese Swag

Welcome to Guyanese Swag, a vibrant lifestyle brand dedicated to celebrating the rich national culture and heritage of Guyana. Our extensive collection of fashion for men, women, and children, is designed to foster awareness and pride in the across the diaspora.

Our Vision

Guyanese Swag is the brainchild of Lakeshia "Key" Singh-McKay, a passionate entrepreneur originally from Guyana, now based in the United States. Having faced challenges and misconceptions about her homeland, she aims to reshape perceptions and shine a positive light on Guyana's culture.

The Collection

Our collection is a manifestation of Guyanese pride, featuring vibrant clothing, shoes, and accessories adorned with the Guyana flag, map, coat of arms, and motto. Creative tribal-inspired designs in the country's colors breathe life into the collection, reflecting the joyous spirit of the Guyanese people.

Brand Launch

Key's journey from Guyana to the U.S. sparked a mission to redefine Guyana's image, away from stereotypes and tragic events. With a decade of experience in helping entrepreneurs build and grow successful businesses, she now dedicates her expertise to showcase the positive and joyous side of her homeland.

Celebrate with Pride

"It's time for Guyanese worldwide to rise up and celebrate who we are," says Key "Let's pave the way for the next generation, recording our history and fostering a global community proud of our origins."

National Culture and Heritage

Guyana, officially known as the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, holds a rich Caribbean culture influenced by its indigenous tribes. Taking inspiration from this heritage, Key has crafted a suite of lifestyle products infused with the joy, color, and pride of Guyana.

The Collection

Explore our online store for a diverse range of lifestyle products, from clothing to sneakers, accessories, home decor and more. We are so confident you'll love the products you purchase from us that we offer a Guyanese Swag Guarantee: If for any reason you're not satisfied, keep the product and get a 100% refund. Need an exchange? We cover return shipping and send you a replacement of equal value. Your satisfaction is our priority

Proudly Guyanese, Stylishly You. Celebrate your pride with our Guyanese Swag.