Get the most out of your travel with these 15 things to do in Guyana!

Get the most out of your travel with these 15 things to do in Guyana!

A true hidden gem of South America, Guyana is a fascinating country rich in its landscape, culture and communities. For any adventurous soul seeking to uncover the beauty of South America, it is a must-see destination.

Vast countryside filled with rolling jungle gives way to a mix of colonial and indigenous culture, presenting visitors with a whole host of different experiences to uncover.

From mouth-watering traditional dishes to breathtaking hikes and incredible wildlife to historical towns, there is something for each and every traveler to enjoy. What's more, sustainability is central to Guyana's green tourism industry, so there are plenty of brilliant eco-conscious activities to enjoy too!

But where to start? With Guyanese Swag’s official Top 15 list of things to do in Guyana, of course! 



 1. Wonder at the power of the Kaieteur Falls

With a mind-blowing 1140 metric tonnes of water rocketing over a 250m high cliff, it is no surprise that the Keiteur Falls is considered the world's highest single-drop falls.

These breathtaking falls can be found in Kaieteur National Park, nestled within Guyana’s rainforest. The eco-hotspot is considered an absolute must-see for locals and visitors alike. Make sure you pack one of our insulated bottles to quench your thirst as you hike through the terrain!

2. Stroll along Iwokrama forest’s Canopy Walkway

60km east of the Iwokrama river crossing, you will find a series of intriguing walkways hanging 30m above the forest floor.

This intricate puzzle of platforms offers stunning views over the natural foliage and provides an excellent bird-watching experience. Perfect for anyone wishing to breathe in the natural beauty of Guyana.

3. Stand in the shadow of the majestic Mount Roraima

A giant among a select number of table-top mountains in the world, Mount Roraima stands proudly 400m high at the edge of Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela.

The forest from which the tepui rises is home to beautiful endemic orchids and some of Guyana's most interesting animals, such as the Roraima bush toad. Bring a hat to protect your eyes from the sun as you look up to the highest point!

 4. Take a break from the greenery and explore Shell Beach

Arrange a boat trip with a local travel agency and explore one of the most untouched natural coastlines of South America. Unfortunately, it's not the place to try out our swimwear as the pristine strands of Shell Beach are home to a wide variety of protected native turtles, who continue to thrive on the quiet shores. Serious wildlife lovers can book to experience turtle hatching and releases into the sea. Unforgettable! 



5. Celebrate Mashramani with vibrant color and music

Grab your favorite Guyanese-themed t-shirt and head to Georgetown on February 23rd to join parades, musical performances and colorful activities to celebrate the foundation of Guyana's republic!

6. Get lost among the mayhem of Guyana Carnival

Immerse yourself in the joy, freedom and mayhem of Carnival with a week-long calendar of events packed with parties, parades and live entertainment in May! A perfect opportunity to show off your Guyanese Swag!! 

7. Immerse yourself in indigenous culture

The Guyanese are proud to share their culture with visitors. If you want an authentic experience as you travel, there is nothing better than spending time in the Indigenous villages of Guyana. Enjoy local dishes, kick back in a hammock and succumb to the laid-back sounds of rural Guyana.



8. Relax with rum at an old distillery

Demerara distillery is the home of Eldorado rum, one of Guyana’s most famous exports, and now is home to the last operating wooden Coffey still in the world! Make sure to raise a glass to Guyana while you’re there! 

9. Devour the local cuisine!

Delicious cassava is central to Guyanese cuisines. Enjoy it along with some hearty pepper pot, meat curries and fresh vegetables. Experience the influence that different cultures have had on Guyanese cuisine throughout its history, from Indian dahls to African influenced conkee and foo foo to mouth-watering pastries first introduced by European settlers.

10. Mull over a glass at Pandama Winery

Located on the Soesdyke/Linden highway, the Pandama Winery and Retreat is a prime spot to relax in nature and enjoy a glass of local wine! 

11. Enjoy a browse at Stabroek Market

No trip is complete without a visit to a local market. In Guyana, that market has to be Stabroek Market. Steeped in the Dutch tradition of Georgetown, the market dates back to the 1700s!

Visitors are recommended to bring a secure backpack or fanny pack and keep valuables close!



12. Uncover the complex history of Guyana at the National Museum

Located in Georgetown, the National Museum is the perfect place for curious visitors to learn about the cultural, political and even ecological history of Guyana 

13. Photograph the Ruins of Kai-Kover-All 

The Ruins of Kai-Kover-All fort on the Kykoveral island are one of the most photographed areas of Guyana. If you don’t make this quick stop on your trip to Guyana, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with one of our unique Kai-Kover-All puzzles!

14. Have a quiet moment at St. Georges Cathedral 

This stunning Anglican cathedral is said to be the world's tallest wooden building. Built in 1892, the interiors are a fascinating mix of traditional Anglican design and Caribbean history. 

15. Make a stop at the historical Georgetown City Hall 

Inaugurated in 1889, Georgetown City Hall has a 23m tower where it is said that colonial-period wives waited for their husbands to return from sea, apparently watched for their husbands' ships to come into port. The striking neo-gothic building is well worth a snap!

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