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We are passionate about uplifting Guyanese business owners throughout the diaspora, driving economic growth, and building a strong community. Our comprehensive business directory highlights exceptional businesses, providing a platform to showcase their talents and offerings.


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A platform dedicated to fostering a supportive community for Guyanese migrants around the globe, enabling them to connect, learn, and grow with and from each other while providing the necessary resources to help them thrive in their new environments.

Resources Center for Success

Our platform goes beyond just business listings. We are dedicated to helping the Guyanese diaspora thrive in their new environments. Our resource center serves as a hub of information and guidance, covering topics from immigration insights to career development and entrepreneurship. We are here to support your journey and empower your success.

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Stay Connected with Events Worldwide

Experience the rich tapestry of Guyanese culture by staying connected with our community through our event listings. Join in on exciting Guyanese events happening worldwide, celebrating our traditions and fostering a sense of belonging and unity.


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