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Guyanese Swag

Coat of arms of Guyana Puzzle (120, 252, 500-Piece)

Coat of arms of Guyana Puzzle (120, 252, 500-Piece)

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Coat of arms of Guyana Puzzle (120, 252, 500-Piece)

The coat of arms of Guyana (Co-operative Republic of Guyana) was granted by the College of Arms on 25 February 1966.

It includes a crest of an Amerindian head-dress symbolizing the indigenous people of the country, this crest is also called the Cacique's Crown; two diamonds at the sides of the head-dress representing mining industry; a helmet; two jaguars as supporters holding a pick axesugar cane, and a stalk of rice (symbolizing Guyana's mining, sugar and rice industries); a shield decorated with the Victoria amazonica lily, Guyana's national flower; three blue wavy lines representing the three main rivers of Guyana; and the national bird, the Canje Pheasant (Opisthocomus hoazin). The national motto, "One People, One Nation, One Destiny", appears on the scroll below the shield.

Puzzles, aside from an awesome bar name, are also the perfect downtime activity for friends & family. This Guyana's Jaguar Puzzle is made with high-quality chipboard pieces and ships in a gift-ready box which also features the design for extra presentation points. Our Guyana Jaguar Puzzles come in 3x sizes: 8" x 10" - (120 pieces), 11" x 14" - (252 pieces), 16" x 20" - (500 pieces).

.: High-quality chipboard pieces with vibrant sublimated print
.: Packaged in a gift-ready paper box
.: Recommended for ages 9 years and older

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